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The numbers of bingo are not just simple digits on a card; each one has its own meaning and particularity. Today 10jili will tell you about some of their symbols, the reasons behind their denominations, designation, and how they behave worldwide.

What each bingo number means.

Each number in bingo has its own history and significance. If we take the time to understand them a little more, it often adds more interest to the game and what it generates for us. Each number has unique associations, and some even have affectionate nicknames. Let’s find out what each number represents:

01 Water

02 Duck

03 Saint Como

04 The bed

05 Cat

06 Dog

07 Revolver

08 Fire

09 Stream

10 Cannon

11 Miner

12 Soldier

13 Bad luck

14 Drunk

15 Pretty girl

16 Ring

17 Misfortune

18 Blood

19 Fish

20 The Party

21 Woman

22 Crazy

23 Cook

24 Horse

25 Chicken

26 Mass

27 Comb

28 Hill

29 Saint Peter

30 Saint Rose

31 Light

32 Money

33 Christ

34 Head

35 Bird

36 Chestnut

37 Eucalyptus

38 Stones

39 Rain

40 Priest

41 Knife

42 Sneakers

43 Balcony

44 Jail

45 Wine

46 Tomatoes

47 Dead person

48 Talking dead person

49 Meat

50 Bread

51 Saw

52 Mother and son

53 Ship

54 Cow

55 Music

56 Fall

57 Hunchback

58 Drowned

59 Plants

60 Virgin

61 Shotgun

62 Flood

63 Marriage

64 Cry

65 Hunter

66 Earthworm

67 Bite

68 Nephews

69 Vices

70 Dead Dream

71 Excrement

72 Surprise

73 Hospital

74 Black people

75 Kisses

76 Flames

77 Woman’s leg

78 Prostitute

79 Thief

80 Ball

81 Flowers

82 Fight

83 Bad weather

84 Church

85 Lantern

86 Smoke

87 Lice

88 Pope

89 Rat

90 Fear

Do all bingo numbers have meaning?

The answer is yes. The emotional connection with bingo numbers goes beyond simply marking off a card. Some numbers are recognized for their association with luck, while others have cultural or historical connotations.

Why do they have names or meanings?

The practice of assigning names or meanings to bingo numbers is not arbitrary. It is a tradition aimed at creating a playful, cheerful atmosphere, where different aspects of entertainment are combined, and it is easier to call out numbers during the game among participants.

Do all countries have the same meaning?

Bingo is a global game, but the meanings of the numbers can change according to the cultural and symbolic associations of each region. What may add or modify in each country adds its own interest to this cultural exchange and enriches the game in different parts of the world.

Bingo numbers tell a unique story in each game.

Now you know everything about the numbers that appear on the card. Get ready to start playing and have a unique gaming experience!”

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